Foto: Yina Chan

A relatives' story

Bitte is 84 years old and has lived at Hovseterhjemmet for over two years. Bitte has a good mood and is kind to those she meets, but Alzheimer’s disease has meant that she has become more and more immobile over the years, and it has become difficult to find words. Bitte’s daughter, Siri Osnes, is a nurse and follows her mother closely.

«A sensor assistant helps mom to speak up.»

Siri Osnes, relative

«It was positive when the head of department at Hovseterhjemmet contacted me and asked if we as relatives were willing for mum to use an incontinenceincontinence Involuntary loss of control of the bladder and / or intestines. sensor. The request came when mum lost some night sleep and a routine shift was made, but also checking if she needed a shift due to her incontinent. Mom is very immobile, and the shifts required a lot of both her and the staff. Now I know that mum is cared for when there is a need and she can sleep through the night if no change is needed. It is also good to know that she does not sit or lie down with wet nappies for many hours, which in turn can lead to urinary tract infection. Since mum struggles with words, I know that a “sensor assistant” helps her to speak out, so then we as relatives feel confident that mum is well», says daughter Siri.