How to use DignaCare

The DignaCare Sensor is a flexible sensor strip that is attached to the outside of any incontinenceincontinence Involuntary loss of control of the bladder and / or intestines. product and notifies the need to change the product by a user-friendly application. The intended use of the DignaCare Sensor is to replace the physiological process of being able to detect urination or defecation for patients affected by incontinence. Incontinence is a pathological process where the ability to have voluntary control over urination and/or defecation is affected. When not able to treat the underlying mechanisms of incontinence, incontinence products are essential.


  1. User manual for DignaCare sensor is found here
  2. User manual for DignaCare app is found here
  3. User manual for DignaCare web portal is found here 

Read about our safety and warnings here.
Read about our labels on the package here.
Additional documentation of the system is found here.

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