The sensor

The DignaCare sensor is an elastic strip composed of one head and four sensors. The sensors measure individually and detect changes in moisture and temperature. The measurements are sent to gateways where they are forwarded to the DignaCare system for processing. If the system detects enough moisture, it will trigger a notification in the mobile app.

The sensor is intended to be placed on the outside of an incontinenceincontinence Involuntary loss of control of the bladder and / or intestines. product and is designed to give a notification when the incontinence product should be changed. The sensor should not be placed directly on the skin. It is important that enough gateways are set up in places where the resident of the sensor moves around, so that the signals are always covered and notifications are triggered at the correct time.

How to use the sensor

Along the sensor unit, you can see four white dots. These are what measure the moisture in the incontinence product. At the top of the sensor strip lies the transmission mechanism and battery. The battery has a lifespan of 12 months, and the entire sensor strip is replaced after this period.

To use the DignaCare sensor, you will need:

  • An incontinence product
  • A sensor
  • At least one gateway
  • Tape provided by SensCom

How to mount the sensor correctly

  1. Place the sensor strip on the outside of the incontinence product with the white dots facing in towards the incontinence product.
  2. Cover the sensor with tape, and gently tear it off.
  3. Press firmly in place, and the incontinence product is ready for use.
  4. To remove the sensor after use, open the tape at the top of the strip and gently pull the sensor out.

Make sure that the top of the sensor is facing upwards towards the stomach.

The sensor in use

Destruction of old or broken sensors

When a diaper sensor is old or damaged and no longer to be used, it should be returned to SensCom for destruction. Contact us to receive a shipping label, pack the sensor in packaging, and deliver this to a post office.

Do not dispose of the sensor directly in the trash.