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SensCom AS – the company that has developed the DignaCare solution – was founded by Vidar Rinde Halvorsen in 2018. The stated purpose of the company is to develop user-friendly sensor technology with the capacity to alert care staff and relatives when a care home resident needs attention and changing. The idea arose when Vidar’s mother needed care and moved into a nursing home. Vidar was well aware that the workload at nursing homes and in the home care service is huge, and there is little time to provide care beyond the purely practical. That is why he considered it absolutely essential to come up with smart, reliable solutions that could free up time to give elderly people – and the people who care for them – more dignity in their everyday lives.

«SensCom is to make the world a better place for people who need care – and for people who provide it – through the use of technology.»

Our vision


A sensor technology solution that alerts care staff and relatives when residents need attention and changing. The solution has been developed in consultation with the care sector and opens the door to:

  1. Increased dignity and life quality for the users

  2. Improved working days for care staff

  3. Improved care at a lower cost through resource optimisation

Our achievements to date

  • With support from Innovation Norway, SensCom has established an innovation project in partnership with SINTEF to use additional sensor data to predict incidents. The objective of the project is to use data from DignaCare to predict future incidents and need for attention. In other words, it is to improve toilet routines for care home residents and patients so that they no longer have to make use of their incontinenceincontinence Involuntary loss of control of the bladder and / or intestines. product. If we can predict incidents, care staff can also implement preventative measures. The prediction functionality would also result in altering the care focus from a reactive to a proactive form of working, i.e. it will ensure residents are taken to the toilet in time.
  • SensCom has been granted patents in the United States, EU and Norway for the sensor technology, and has applied for patents in Japan and Australia.
  • DignaCare is CE-classified as Medical Device Class 1.


Ellen Cathrine Andersen

Ellen Cathrine Andersen


+47 924 32 491 ellen@senscom.no

Espen Wollebekk


+47 930 55 505 espen@senscom.no
Vegard Urnes

Vegard Urnes

Business Development

+47 905 85 432 vegard@senscom.no
Per Gunnar

Per Gunnar Gulliksen

VP Nordic Sales

+47 975 45 173 pgg@senscom.no
Lindis Vinje

Lindis Vinje

Product specialist

+47 918 83 190 lindis@senscom.no
Lisbet Kruge

Lisbeth Kruge

Product specialist

+47 472 14 726 lisbeth@senscom.no

Marius Fjeldet

Head of software development

+47 913 39 459 marius@senscom.no

Private: Karoline Ådnanes

UX frontend developer

+47 909 82 216 karoline@senscom.no

Morten Johansen

Fullstack developer

+47 918 04 457 morten@senscom.no

Joyce Sesilie Timberlid

Health advisor

+47 993 83 109 joyce@senscom.no

Private: Renate Pettersen

Medical professional advisor

+ 47 416 49 142 renate@senscom.no

The Board

Erik Urnes

Chairman of the Board

Erik has extensive leadership experience from global companies including Becker Industrial Coatings and Lindengruppen AB. Today, he is an investor and a strategy consultant.

Kristian Lundkvist

Kristian is a serial entrepreneur and investor through the company Middelborg. He has a proven track record in the fields of business development, strategy, M&A and restructuring.

Jennifer Lee Koss

Jennifer is an entrepreneur and investor. She is also one of the founders of BRIKA – the leading retail commerce platform for creating experience-rich retail environments both online and offline.

Private: Bent Erik Skaug

Bent Erik is an entrepreneur in the field of software technology, most recently focused on Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and data science.

Kristian Kolberg

Kristian is an investor with extensive experience in the technology sector and capital administration.

Sture Karlsen

Sture is an experienced entrepreneur, focused on business development and technology.


Vegard Urnes, CEO
+47 905 85 432

Vegard Urnes


Vegard Urnes



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We’re always on the lookout for skilled people who are keen to change the care sector for the better – for staff, residents and relatives alike. Check out the current vacancies under “News”. If there aren’t any vacancies here and now, you can send an unsolicited application to post@dignacare.com



Sensio AS


Morten Haugen / Region South

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Åge Østerhaug / Region East

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Birte Fiskerstrand / Region West

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Kristin Haarberg / Region North

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Kristoffer Gotaas Holth

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