Safety and Warnings

DignaCare is not designed to be used as a standalone product. DignaCare is developed to be used together with, and to be mounted on the outside of an incontinenceincontinence Involuntary loss of control of the bladder and / or intestines. product. DignaCare can only operate, and have the intended effect, when an incontinence product is used correctly, either during day and night, part of the day, at night or as a temporary assistance over a limited period. DignaCare will not work as intended if multiple incontinence products are used in layers and not according to manufacturer specifications. DignaCare will monitor and make notifications and alarms when the incontinence product is defined to be ready to be changed.

The sensor device should never be:

  • Used inside an incontinence product
  • Mounted directly on underwear
  • Fixed directly to human skin
  • Be placed in any openings of the human body

The DignaCare Solution is developed to be a supplement and improvement to existing routines and policies in institutions or environments run by trained and professional care personnel. The solution is simple to use and developed to be intuitive for the employee’s care personnel. However, all employees care personnel must be trained and educated to secure correct use.

To assist care personnel and institutions DignaCare has developed a comprehensive collection of educational platforms to educate health care works in correct use of DignaCare. Education is available through SensCom, SensCom web pages, our partners and on the DignaCare App. Additional training modules can be found at SkillAid. The SkillAid Application can be downloaded at Google Play Store or Apple App Store. To use the app a user must be created, and a QR-code scanned to get started:

Google Play Store

Apple App Store