How to use the app

The DignaCare mobile app is a mobile application that can be installed on mobile devices and is supported for both Android and iOS. The app shows live whether sensors are online, and whether the incontinenceincontinence Involuntary loss of control of the bladder and / or intestines. product they are attached to needs changing. Notifications will also alert the healthcare personnel about changes when the app is not open.

The app is intended for healthcare personnel who take care of patients, where the patients use incontinence products and DignaCare sensor strips. It is the department manager’s responsibility to maintain the sensors in use, and ensure that they are available in the app. This is done via a separate web portal. The app requires a login to function, and this is also assigned by the department manager. It is important that the device running the app has internet coverage to be able to load data and receive notifications.



A user-friendly application that makes it easier for caring personnel to follow up residents.

How to use the mobile application


When DignaCare is implemented, it is installed as an app on the service phone.
You will receive the login credentials from your leader.

Receive alerts

The alerts are received through notifications on your service phone.
The symbols in the app shows the status of available sensors with color codes:

  • OK: There is no need to take any action
  • Recently changed: A change has recently been performed
  • Soon: You need to start preparing for a change
  • Change: Change within a reasonable time
  • Snooze: The alarm is postponed
  • One inactive: One of the resident’s sensors is inactive
  • All inactive: Both of the resident’s sensors are inactive
  • No sensors: Resident has no sensors
  • Unknown: The resident has an unknown status. Please check for app updates.

Handle alerts

1. Select the relevant resident.
2. Click the «Change» button.
3. Check «Moisture» or «Care» and press «Done».
4. The change is registered and completed.