SensCom hires Ellen Cathrine Andersen as new CEO

SensCom is pleased to announce that Ellen Cathrine Andersen will join the team as CEO in August 2022. Ellen brings with her a broad heath tech background. She has an impressive track recoding in developing teams and companies and has demonstrated strong leadership as CEO of EpiGuard.

“We are delighted to have recruited Ellen as she brings with her a strong sales leadership track record and substantial experience from developing and commercializing companies within the health and health related industries. Ellen will play an important role as we accelerate the growth of SensCom” Says Erik Urnes, Chairman of the board.

“The recruitment of a new CEO was initiated at the request of Vegard Urnes who has served as CEO of SensCom since 2019. Vegard and the team has done a great job in finalising the development of the incontinenceincontinence Involuntary loss of control of the bladder and / or intestines. sensors and have established us as a leading player in the Scandinavian market. We are pleased that Vegard will continue working with SensCom and DignaCare, focusing on business development and our international expansion. Vegard will also continue the dialogue with our partners” Says Erik Urnes.

“I’m looking forward to work with Ellen. We have an important job to do and I am very happy that Ellen will lead our team”, says Vegard Urnes